BlackVue DR590W Long Term Review

Several months have passed since the release of the Blackvue DR590W-2CH, so we wanted to give a long-term review on this popular dash camera. The DR590W-2CH is the entry-level 2 channel system from BlackVue; it excludes higher end features like BlackVue Cloud found in the DR750S and DR900S, but still has a convenient WiFi feature and an external GPS option available. If you are looking for great video quality and easy access to videos and premium features such as parking-mode recording, this dash camera checks all the boxes.

The Blackvue DR590W-2CH is similar to other BlackVue units of the past, noticeably with its sleek cylindrical shape, making the unit small and elegant. Because the DR590W-2CH lacks some of the more advanced features found in the DR750S and DR900S, the unit is slimmer by design. The front camera of the DR590W-2CH incorporates a Sony STARVIS sensor, one of the best sensors on the market today. This sensor allows the DR590W-2CH to capture both day and night footage with a high volume of details in each frame at 30fps. Both front and rear channels capture at an impressive Full HD 1080p with a 12 Mbps bitrate, allowing for crisp details. Video is not as great as its more-expensive siblings (especially true in lower-light conditions), but the DR590W does provide a great package without breaking the bank.

Like many high-end dash cams, the DR590W-2CH also offers a great parking mode feature. When the camera senses the unit hasn’t moved for approximately ten seconds, it will automatically change from continuous recording to parking mode. Once activated, the dash cam is now a surveillance device and will record as a function of motion-detection or impact detection. With every impact detected by the G sensor (such as vandalism), or every motion detected by the video sensor, the dash cam will start recording automatically and save these instances onto the microSD card. Since the DR590W-2CH has buffered parking mode, it will be able to provide a video clip a few seconds before the incident occurs, producing a video clip of what happened just before and immediately after the incident, thereby telling the whole story of the incident itself. These features are highly useful, and buffered parking mode makes a dash cam stand out.

The DR590W-2CH has become one of the most popular go-to dash cams for a budget 2CH system. Pricing is also perfect, as it’s in the middle of the market segment, making it more affordable for those looking for a mid-ranged model. When the DR590W-2CH is paired with a Power Magic Pro or a battery pack like a Cellink NEO, expect your vehicle to be have around-the-clock protection!