BlackVue has long been an excellent manufacturer of quality dash cams. Throughout all the iterations, the form factor has remained the same. This, however, is a good thing as time and time again our customers praise the BlackVue for its sleek, attractive, and compact design. For 2018, we’re happy to carry the new DR590-2CH. Available in both one and two-channel layouts the DR590-2CH meets most of the minimum standards in a dash cam. Replacing the old DR490-2CH the DR590-2CH has made several improvements, from using less power to having a higher bitrate as well as using .mp4 rather than .avi file format. It's intended for those who are looking for the best video capture without some of the more premium options found on the top-of-the-line DR750S-2CH.

Regarding specifications, the DR590-2CH has been thoroughly revised from the DR490-2CH. For the front unit of the DR590-2CH, it has Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor which makes for better low-light video quality. Both front and rear cameras can capture at full HD 1080P with up to 12Mbps bitrate. The higher bitrate will help the camera obtain more details in all situations. It feels that BlackVue wants to close the gap between their budget models vs top-of-the-line units. The price point is just as attractive as before, at a price of $299.99. All these factors easily make the BlackVue DR590-2CH as one of the best quality and affordable 2-channel cameras on the market.

BlackVue also has included an excellent dedicated parking mode for this product. Now using less power than before, the dash cam can record for longer durations before the voltage cutoff kicks in. With the addition of Power Magic Pro or Cellink, the DR590-2CH ready to record while you’re away from the vehicle. During parking, recording is triggered by motion as well as a shock to capture events if something does happen to the vehicle, such as vandalism or a hit-and-run. Like most BlackVue products the camera will have buffered recording, so it’s able to catch events 10 seconds before and after the detection. This offers a lot of usefulness as the dash camis ready to capture the most amount of detail as well as information regarding the incident without the need to scrub through the entire video.

Since the DR590-2Ch is lacking a Wi-fi feature as well as GPS functions, BlackVue has made it an option to add GPS with the form of a dongle. With the optional GPS antenna, the DR590-2CH can impose the vehicle's speed onto the footage. This option is excellent for those who travel and don’t take regular routes as it may be easy to forget where and when incidents were to have occurred. The GPS also keeps the dash cam’s time in sync thanks to global positioning.

Blackvue DR590 sample footage

While the old DR490-2CH used .avi file format, it also combined the front and rear footage into one single file. Because of this, the dash cam needed to use the BlackVue desktop viewer to view video footage correctly. For the DR590-2CH, BlackVue has gone ahead and changed the entire system. The dash cam now uses. MP4 file format as well as saves front and rear camera footage separately.  This means the computer will be able to read the files without any additional software.

Overall the BlackVue DR590-2CH is quite a complete and essential full HD 1080P dash cam for users. It has all the essential features of a premium dash cam that you would need.  For those who are looking for a reliable performer without additional features such as Wi-fi, and Cloud features, the DR590-2CH should a top consideration on your shopping list.