BlackVue DR550GW-2CH WiFi Review

Key Features:

-Dedicated 2 Channel Full-HD quality

-Top of the line 2 Channel dash cam

-Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor equipped

-Standard GPS function 

-WiFi Streaming Available

-Mobile App on Android / iOS / Windows Phone for instant viewing.

-Simple connection between front and rear cameras via coaxial cable

-Change settings via mobile app

-Compatible with Mac computers

-Parking mode by motion detection

BlackVue's offering of the DR500GW-HD WiFi proved to become one of the best dash cams on the market, as well as one of the most popular products sold here at BlackBoxMyCar. Boasting key features such as Wi-Fi capabilities and top of the line video-recording capabilities, it was a very well-equipped dash cam for the price. Right when we thought we had it all, BlackVue graced us with a newer product; the DR550GW-2CH WiFi.

One little obstacle we have learned about over the years, is that people want the feeling of being completely secure. With the addition of a dash cam in the front, it is without a doubt that some of the worries of not having a dash cam disappear. With a front-facing camera, you are now protected from any sort of insurance-frauds, and have the ability to capture any incidents that happen in the front of your car (ie: hit-and-run, vandalism). Being spoiled by this sense of security, it is hard not to feel the need for protection against rear-end collisions and other things as well. Because of this, many people have started the trend of running two cameras front and back. In extreme cases, some people have more so they can record all angles of their car. Running two separate dash cams front and back can get pricey, and might not be the most efficient option. BlackVue saw this scenario, and answered us with the DR550GW-2CH WiFi.

The DR550GW-2CH WiFi is an improvement to the DR500GW-HD Wifi in many ways, yet retains all the factors that made it great. The most obvious upgrade with the DR550GW-2CH is that it is a dual channel dash cam. The front camera is something most are familiar with, as it is an improved take on the existing DR500GW-HD Wifi. It consist of the same great video-recording capability, capturing Full-HD 1080P at 30FPS. What has changed is that BlackVue has now added a Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor to it, which was originally seen in the CR500HD. The EXMOR sensor is well known for its excellent low light settings, allowing the DR550GW-2CH WiFi to capture much better night-time videos, as well as being able to capture license plates much more clearly. BlackVue has also decided to reduce the wide angle range to 145degrees (from 156degrees), allowing for crisper images.

The rear-facing camera is a much simplified rendition of the front-camera. Smaller in size, and with a very minimilistic design. The rear camera records in very clear HD-quality, while the design is small enough that it allows the camera to hide very effectively to the public eye.

The most significant thing about the dual-channel systems, is the technologies that go behind it to make everything work. Both cameras are connected with a coaxial cable, which allows data to transfer from the rear unit to the front, as well as provide power to both sides. Both cameras are recorded via one SD card as well, to maximize efficiency.

Just like its predecessor, the DR550GW-2CH WiFi contains all the same WiFi capabilities as the DR500GW-HD Wifi. An app is available on both iOS and Android devices, which allow dash cam settings to be adjusted, as well as provide live-streaming. Again, there is still parking mode, which records whenever the motion sensor is triggered while the car is parked.

In our 'First impression' of this product, we had doubts about the way in which both cameras can record reliably through the power of one unit. After having this unit in our cars extensively, as well as through customer feedback, we can safely say that the dual-channel system works flawlessly, and it is highly recommended if you are looking for a product that gives you front-and-rear recording capabilities.


  1. Best bang-for-buck: dedicated 2channel system instead of 2 different dash cams
  2. Dual-channel system, allows front-and-rear video coverage
  3. Addition of Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor provides excellent low-light recording
  4. Built in G-Sensor and Parking Mode by motion
  5. Capability of WiFI streaming
  6. GPS standard. Speed and location of vehicle will be tracked
  7. No overheating issues reported at all


  1. Limited WiFi range
  2. Rear-facing camera only records in HD (instead of Full-HD)
  3. Limited movement range (Vertical rotation only)
  4. No dedicated buttons for parking mode and G-sensor sensitivity


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Simon K.

Peace of mind

I chose the BlackVue DR550 for my brand new BMW 428i because of its features and the 2 Channels camera. The quality of normal recording is superb, and also allow user to record in park mode with lower resolution and only records when motion is detected to reduce memory usage. This is the only system with both front and back camera, and in my opinion, they're both essential because I've suffered a whiplash from a rear-end accident and I can tell you having the back camera would help gathering evident of what happened. Only drawback of this camera is the price, but it's totally worth it. 

Tyler S.

Great Product, amazing service

Love the BlackVue camera. It works straight out of the box, and the iPhone interface is perfect. Customer service from this company is second to none. Instant reply's when I asked questions, and fast shipping. Couldn't be happier.

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