BlackVue DR430-2CH Review

One of Blackvue's latest offerings is the BlackVue DR430-2CH which is meant to compete in the entry level 2 channel marketplace. This is a popular market segment in Korea as every vehicle is equipped with a camera so Full HD systems aren't seen as a necessity. We've had good success with the FineVu T9 which offered 2 channel parking mode recording under $200 offering a great value proposition, however the DR430-2CH price point is about 30% higher than the T9. That being said rear video quality is higher at 720P + 720P, compared to the T9 which only offered 480P (VGA) quality on the rear channel.

The DR430-2CH price point is still almost half of its bigger brother, the BlackVue DR650S-2CH, and shares a similar sleek and attractive cylindrical design. The front camera has a nice matte finish that's rougher than previous Blackvue's, we like it as it is more resistant to fingerprints than the smoother finishes. This new budget 2-CH system is a fairly no-frills setup with no built-in GPS, WiFi, or Blackvue's famous Over The Cloud connectivity. That being said, many DR650S-2CH don't take full advantage of these features and the DR430-2CH may be appealing with its bare bones design. In our opinion, this device is too bare bones and should at least have a button to format the Micro SD card like the BlackVue DR3500-FHD.

We weren't particularly impressed by the video quality of the DR430-2CH but that is to be expected given the price point and specs. There's no Sony CMOS sensor nor is there a Full HD resolution option. The video quality just isn't competitive for a new model released in 2016. For those that are on a budget, we recommend going with a higher end device that at least offers 1080P recording. Perhaps saving some money and going with a better 1-channel system, or going with a higher end system that lets you add a rear camera down the road.

BlackVue DR430-2CH Pros:

  • Mid-tier price point, half the price of the flagship 2 channels
  • Capacitor-based design and pre-buffered parking mode function
  • Excellent design and build quality. Durable and more fingerprint resistant texture compared to other dash cams.

BlackVue DR430-2CH Cons:

  • Button-less interface makes simple tasks like formatting the memory card a hassle
  • Lackluster video quality; 720P + 720P at 6 + 4 Mbps offers sub-par video quality in 2016
  • Coaxial cable is fragile and too costly to replace for a budget system


The BlackVue DR430-2CH didn't really impress us in terms of price point or performance. If you're on a budget and looking for a great 2 channel system, our favourite bang for the buck system is still the BlackSys CH-100B. There's just a lot more functionality and the front video quality is noticeably better thanks to the Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor.

 Alternatively, those that are on a budget should consider a modular system that lets you add the rear camera later down the road, such as: Thinkware X550, Thinkware F770, and BlackSys CH-100B 1CH