BlackVue DR380G-HD Review

Key Features:

-Reliable entry level HD dash cam- offers HD 720P at 30FPS

-Awarded best design by consumers in Korea

-Built in G-Sensor, Parking Mode by motion detection, GPS

-120 wide angle

-Mobile App on Android / IOS for instant viewing (insert Micro SD card into the phone)

-Compatible with Mac computers

The BlackVue DR380G-HD is an entry level dashcam offered from BlackVue. This unit offers 720P HD quality, shooting at 30FPS.  Unique to the North American version which we offer, the DR380G-HD is equipped with a GPS function which allows the device to record both the speed and location of your vehicle. (this option can be disabled)

The DR380G-HD feels great in the hand. With a mix of gloss and matte-black materials, the unit fits seamlessly into any luxury car cabin, while also being subtle enough to not attract attention on the outside. The award-winning design of the BlackVue DR380G-HD really showcases its elegance with the chrome bezel around the camera lense, paired with the sleek ambient LED light which helps to notify you if the unit is running, all of which you expect to have in a premium product.

Customization is key. With the DR380G-HD, everything can be tailored to your needs!  Whether it be brightness settings, toggling light switches on/off, or even disabling the voice readouts, all can be adjusted with a simple button. Viewing angle can be adjusted to your satisfaction via a rotating mechanism, making sure you capture everything on the road.

Comparison: BlackVue DR500GW-HD vs DR380G

The main differences between BlackVue DR500GW-HD to DR380G are:

  1. WiFi availability on BlackVue DR500GW-HD
  2. 156 wide angle on the DR500GW vs 120 wide angle on the DR380G-HD


  1. High-end compact dash cam offered at a very affordable price
  2. Built in GPS, G-Sensor, and Parking Mode by motion detection
  3. Compatible with MAC computers
  4. Very reliable unit (see testimonials)


  1. Night time video quality is not the best quality
  2. Comes with 8GB Micro SD card - 16GB is highly recommended
  3. No WiFi


  • Camera: 200 Megapixels CMOS Sensor
  • Viewing Angle: 120 degrees, vertical: 98, horizontal: 55
  • Resolution: HD 30FPS/15FPS
  • Compression System: Video H.264
  • File Format: MP4
  • Memory: 32GB Max
  • GPS: Yes
  • Input Voltage: 12V-24V
  • Current Consumption: 3.2W
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 60 degrees

Mounted picture:

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3. Reviews

Timothy P. 

BlackVue DR380G-HD-8GB

I am very pleased with our purchase of this particular Dashcam for our vehicles. We did not require any other special features other than a great quality Dashcam at an affordable price. I would highly recommend this model from BlackVue. As a side note, Alex at BlackboxMyCar is a great person to deal with. He is very customer oriented and had answered a number of my questions before I purchased this Dashcam. You'll be pleased from any purchases at BlackboxMyCar

Nicholas L.

Pretty good for size

This dash cam is nice and small compared to the DR500 series. However the image quality is not quite good enough to see lisence plates if they are further than 1 -2 car distances away. I would recommend this if the DR500's are a little too big or pricey for you.

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