BlackVue B-112 Power Magic Battery Pack Review


Dash cam battery packs are becoming an increasingly popular way to power dash cams in parking mode. They are in independent power supply that is designed not to drain the car's battery whatsoever, yet still allow full parking mode functionality. Many users have gone with the traditional route of hardwiring to their car's battery only to find that the recording times were insufficient and the added stress on the battery led to headaches relating to the car's warranty and computer systems. For those looking for the safest and least interfering way of getting parking mode recording, a battery pack is always recommended.


The Blackvue B-112 is very straight forward in its design and function, it has a cigarette adapter input and a cigarette socket output. It also has two USB outputs to charge your other devices like a phone or tablet, this way you don't have to worry about it using up a socket in your vehicle! As far as setting the battery up, it's equally straight forward. Simply plug it into an ignition switched socket in your vehicle, drive it up to charge, and take advantage of the battery's built-up charge when you park your car. The battery time is a lithium iron phosphate which is safe to run even in hotter climates and doesn't have many of the issues that are typically associated with lithium-ion-polymer power banks.

Placement & Charge

The battery is fairly small and can fit under the armrest or in the glovebox of most vehicles. It's also only about 2" thick and can be fitted under the passenger seats of many vehicles. For those that want to charge up this battery at home using a power inverter, the two-piece bracket design makes it easy to take the battery in and out but still keep it secure inside the vehicle. The bracket can be attached using the supplied velcro tape or self-tapping screws. In terms of charging time, it takes about 1 hour through the cigarette adapter to fully charge. With the default dash cam settings, this battery pack is good for about 12 hours of recording on the 1-channel DR650S-1CH and 8 hours on the 2-channel DR650S-2CH. A good tip to keep in mind is that if you aren't using the Cloud feature you can disable cloud and WiFi autorun in order to extend overall recording time by about 25-30%.


While this certainly isn't the most powerful dash cam battery pack on the market, there's definitely a lot to like. It's easy to setup, the charge indicator lights are helpful, and it's a great way to prevent damaging your car's battery. One improvement we'd really like to see is the option for a hardwire kit to allow for a cleaner install. An available accessory we would recommend is our cigarette socket hardwire kit and add-a-fuse, which will allow hardwiring of the battery pack without modifying any of the cables. A larger overall battery capacity is always welcome but given the small size of the B-112 we think its performance is fair. Another gripe we have with the B-112 is that it only has a cigarette socket output and isn't directly compatible with dash cams that switch into parking mode using a direct hardwire kit. As an accessory to go with your Blackvue dash cam though, the B-112 is a great choice to take advantage of parking mode by motion detection.