Brilliant 3-Channel Dashcam Setup

***UPDATE: Our customer has shared with us a recent break-in to his vehicle, which can be found here. He was able to provide dashcam footage to the police in order to apprehend this thief***

An excellent customer of ours recently shared pictures of his 3-Channel Dashcam system installation with us. Here we will be writing an overview of the benefits and the layout of having a 3-Channel dashcam system. 

The benefits of having a 3-Channel system is that it records the front, rear, and interior of the vehicle. Furthermore, the interior camera can also provide partial coverage of the sides of the vehicle which is useful for accidents or vandalism from blind-spot collisions. Our 3-Channel setup for this customer uses a BlackVue DR650GW-2CH paired along with a BlackVue DR3500-FHD.

In the front of the vehicle on the windshield, the customer used the front and rear units of the DR650GW-2CH to provide exterior and interior recording.  The front unit is placed just underneath the mirror, allowing full coverage of the front of the vehicle and allows the lens to be centered towards the license plate of a vehicle ahead. Furthermore, this placement does not distract the driver because it is covered up by the rear-view mirror. For interior recording, this customer chose to use the DR650's rear camera unit and placed it just above the rear-view mirror. The placement of the rear unit camera is also not distracting because it is higher than the driver's field of vision.This position also gives the best angle for capturing the full interior cabin of the vehicle. 

For the rear dashcam in a 3-Channel setup, you can use either the rear unit of the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH or use the DR3500-FHD. The benefit of using the DR650's rear unit is that there would be less wires to hide, resulting in a more clean installation. If you decide to use the DR3500 dashcam as the rear unit, there would be better video quality since it records at 1080p compared to the DR650's 720p. Furthermore, since the two units function on completely separate systems, if one unit starts to malfunction there will at least be one unit that is still operational to record footage.

This customer also chose to power the front units (the DR650GW-2CH) with a Cellink Battery B Pack. The benefit of using a Cellink B compared to a hardwiring kit is that it allows for 20~ hours of parking mode recording for 2-Channel systems and 25~ hours for 1-Channel systems. With the rear unit (the DR3500-FHD), the customer chose to use a Power Magic Pro which is a hardwiring kit with a built-in voltage cutoff sensor that provides power to the dashcam from the vehicle's battery. The Power Magic Pro provides approximately 6~ hours of parking mode footage depending on the condition of the vehicle's battery.

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