BlackSys CH-100B Firmware Update

If you are experiencing problems with your CH-100B, a firmware update or reflash may fix the issue. Please contact us at to get the latest firmware!

To install the firmware:

1. Download the firmware from the BlackSys website and unzip the folder

Unzipped Firmware

If you have a Mac, the option may appear if you were to right-click on the file. If you are unable to extract the firmware files, then look to wards using a file unarchiver program.

2. Insert and Format your Micro SD card to FAT32 (16/32GB) in your computer. This will erase all the files on the card.

Formatting Micro SD Card

3. Open the unzipped firmware folder and copy the 4 files onto the root directory of the Micro SD card. DO NOT put any of these files into a folder

Copy files to root of SD card

4. Transfer the new files to the Dash cam:

Put the card back into the camera, start your car, and plug the camera back in. If the firmware files were copied properly, the LEDs on the underside of the camera should light up and the red/green lights should flash. If the firmware update is completed successfully, the camera should start recording which is indicated by the solid red light.

Do note that It can take more than 5-10 minutes so please be patient.

5. You can verify that the upgrade was completed by looking at the smartphone app under "Information" or using the Blacksys Desktop Viewer program. 

*Note: If the firmware update fails, format the card again and repeat the steps.