May of 2018 will mark BlackboxMyCar’s 6 year anniversary! We want to take this chance to say a sincere and warm thank you to all of our valued customers throughout the years for helping us to reach where we are today. Truly, what we have accomplished would not be possible without the dash cam community.

Our ultimate achievement

We are not only providing dash cam solutions for drivers in North America, but we are entirely committed to achieving so much more than that. We want to encourage insurance companies to offer discounted rates for their customers that use dash cams to improve road safety. This idea is not unheard of, and many other countries in the world offer this. For example, AXA, a large insurance company in the UK, offers 10% discount to drivers who have dash cams installed in their vehicles.


BlackboxMyCar Essential Install Package BlackboxMyCar Essential Install Package

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BlackboxMyCar 12-Months Extended Warranty BlackboxMyCar 12 Months Extended Warranty
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  • DC+
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