LG Innotek LGD521

The LGD521 is one of our favorite 2 channel parking mode dash cams. It offers Full HD recording in the front and HD recording in the rear, but at a higher bitrate than its competitors, translating to better video quality. The WiFi integration is one of the fastest on the market with download speeds of up to 4MB/s. This camera also has good reliability and is very discreet. The highly customizable card partitioning and pre-buffered recording make it a great choice for protecting your parked car.


  • Full HD + HD Front and Rear Recording
  • ARM Cortex A7 + Omnivision Sensor (Front)
  • Built-In WiFi and optional GPS antenna
  • Pre-Buffered Parking Mode
  • User customizable memory partitioning
  • Up to 128GB Micro SD Support

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