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In his sophomore year at the University of British Columbia, BlackboxMyCar founder Alex saw family members involved in a horrific car accident. Both parties denied responsibility for the collision, and because there was no video evidence to prove Alex’s family’s innocence the case took over a year to settle. When Alex realized that all these stresses could have been avoided with simple video evidence of the event, BlackboxMyCar was started. In 2012 BlackboxMyCar began selling Dash Cams in Canada, and quickly expanded into the rest of North America.

Dash Cams in Canada Really Do Work

In February 2014, Alex suffered from a hit-and-run accident when his parked vehicle got hit in a parking lot. Due to the dash cam that he had installed in his vehicle, he was able to attain footage of the entire incident. Alex uploaded this video footage online, and BlackboxMyCar received the attention of local newspapers including The Province, Vancouver Sun, Global News and more who reached out to Alex for an interview on dash cams.

Recognized By the Media

In an interview with Jill Krop from Global BC, Alex was joined by Allan Lamb, director of the Justice Institute of BC. While on his way, Mr. Lamb was involved in a car accident himself. The other driver denied responsibility of this accident, and as a result Mr. Lamb realized how important dash cams could serve for the everyday driver.

Milestones & Achievements

Since its creation in 2012, BlackboxMyCar has been featured in major newspapers, live TV shows, and radio interviews. We’re proud to say we’re the first Canada dash cam company to collaborate with Northbridge Insurance to promote the use of dash cams for safety purposes.

We’ve been invited to South Korea as the sole Canadian representative to discuss with government and industry representatives on the use of dash cams. And this is just the beginning of what we’ve set out to accomplish!

Through our daily work we noticed that dash cams have slowly transformed into a universal recording tool. We now see products we sell being used by the Canada Border Service Agency, in paparazzi vehicles in Los Angeles, and even in zoo’s to monitor exotic animals. If you can think of a place where surveillance is taking place from an automobile, our dash cams from Canada are there.

Safety and Service

Since its inception, BlackboxMyCar has grown to become North America’s leading dash cam supplier. At BlackboxMyCar, your satisfaction and safety is our number one priority. Learn more about our products, accessories, or reviews, and how you can start using them today! For more general information and customer support, contact us today!

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It matters to us that you feel safe on the road with our dash cams; but more importantly, we value your experience with us.  If there are any questions or concerns, you can either contact us here, or call us at 604-440-4830. Take a look around our online-store, as well as our YouTube Channel and Facebook to learn more about our products and more about us.