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Best Dash Cam for Colder Climates

Best Dash Cam for Colder Climates

It’s getting colder every day as winter approaches - and, similar to high heat, the temperature change can cause certain dash cams to stop working. Not to worry though, as we have picked a few models below that perform with no issues in the cold!

There are many options for 2-channel dash cams but there is only a handful of dash cams that work great in colder climates. These products include the Thinkware F800 Pro (our flagship product), the BlackVue DR750S and the BlackSys CH-200. On paper these units can handle temperatures as low as -20°C or -4°F and, in real life testing and from our customers’ feedback, can handle as low as -30°C or -22°F. This means that recording is not lost even in the coldest of weather. These products run well even during parking-mode recording, especially when paired with a Cellink Battery pack (don’t forget to check out the new NEO here!). The reason the Cellink is such a great option for dash cams in the cold is that the battery can power on the dash cam even when the car is off, and it won’t drain the vehicle’s battery, which can be of vital importance in the cold.

For 1-channel dash cams, the brands above still offer products that work very well in the cold. The only difference is that the BlackSys CH-200 does not have a front-only variant, and would have to be the BlackSys CH-100B if you want to use this brand. Alongside these brands include Viofo’s A119S and Street Guardian’s SG9665GC/SGZC12SG units, with similar ratings for temperature. In fact, the Street Guardian units have the highest range in temperature on paper, from -20°C or -4°F to 90°C or 194°F.

No matter where you are, whether it’s the cold climates of Alaska or the hot deserts of Arizona, BlackboxMyCar has something that will suit your climate needs!