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What is a BlackSys CH-100B GPS Mount?

Many of our customers asked for clarification about what a "GPS Mount" for the BlackSys CH-100B is as the name is a bit confusing. Some cameras like the LG Innotek LGD521 or Thinkware F50 have optional external GPS units which are antennas you can plug in and stick elsewhere on the windshield. However, with the BlackSys CH-100B the GPS mount is actually an alternative mount that replaces the standard non-GPS mount altogether. The benefit of this type of setup is that it doesn't add any additional bulk to the setup, keeping the install very clean. 

BlackSys GPS Mount External

You can tell you have the GPS version if it has a plug coming out of the side. If you currently have one of the non-GPS versions of the BlackSys CH-100B and want to add the GPS feature to your setup, you'll need to remove the existing mount and attach the GPS capable mount to your camera. Check out the video below to see how you can swap the mounts, you can either slide it out of the front of the camera or unscrew it to swap them. When the GPS is connected, a blue light on the rear of the unit will be lit up.