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VIOFO A119 Firmware Update

New firmwares for our best-selling entry level dash cam, the VIOFO A119, may have been released and would be available here. To check what version firmware you are currently running, go to the settings menu and scroll all the way down to the menu option titled "Firmware Version"

How to Update

  1. Make sure you have your Mini USB cable to connect your camera to your computer. Download the firmware file from VIOFO's support side and unzip it on your computer.
  2. Format the memory card to FAT32 on your computer.
  3. Put the card back into your camera and connect it to the computer using the USB cable.
  4. Copy only the file titled "LDBA119.bin" to the root of the memory card (not inside a folder).
  5. Disconnect the USB cable from the camera and let it power off. After it is powered off for at least 5 seconds, plug the USB cable back in until you see "Mass Storage" displayed on the screen.

    VIOFO A119 Mass Storage

  6. From your computer's file explorer, delete the file titled "LDBA119.bin" from the card, then copy the file titled "FWBA119.bin" to the root of the card.
  7. Power off the camera by disconnecting the USB and plug it in again, wait until you see the Mass Storage option on the camera menu.
  8. The update has been completed and you can disconnect the camera from your computer and put it back into your vehicle.