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VicoVation OPIA2 Hardwire Installation in the BlackboxMyCar Fiesta ST

Those in the market for a new dash cam always want to know what camera we run in our own vehicles. While we test everything we sell, one of our favourites that we have installed in the BlackboxMyCar Fiesta ST is the VicoVation OPIA2. This camera has some of the best video quality we've seen in a 1-channel device and we trust it to capture the most detail in more situations than other dash cams. The ability to record in 1080P @ 60 FPS is a huge advantage for higher speed situations but generally we run the 1440P resolution.

While we do have the camera hardwired for parking mode using VicoVation's Power Plus, it's not our favourite for parking recording as the high bitrate means even a 128GB card gets looped quite quickly with motion detection. Instead we run the OPIA2 on time lapse mode which captures everything in a more memory efficient way. For our secondary setup on this vehicle, we run a Thinkware X550 2-Channel which is powered by a Cellink Battery B. The front camera of the X550 is not as powerful as the OPIA2 but we like the memory card partitioning and motion detection features of it over the VicoVation. The ability to record front and back is also a bonus!
For this reason we actually advocate dual system setups as even the best parking mode 2-channel systems can't match the outright video quality of the VicoVation OPIA2. There are some things each system does better than the other and by combining the two there will be less compromises overall.

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