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Thinkware F800 Super Night Vision 2.0

Thinkware's Super Night Vision feature was first released on the Thinkware F770 and Thinkware X550 dash cams. This feature would activate in parking mode to increase exposure when your car is parked since the headlights would be off. With the Thinkware F800, they've changed it so that super night vision can be turned on in continuous mode as well. Personally we prefer to use it only in parking mode as it has a tendency to overexpose when the vehicle's headlights are on. 

What does Super Night Vision actually do? 

Super night vision is a software/firmware based processing effect on the video to boost exposure in lower exposed areas. In our sample video below you can see that the park that's on the right of the vehicle (left in the rear clips) appears a lot brighter when super night vision is turned on. While the license plate of the vehicle in front is no clearer, this feature might just help you pick up details of people loitering around your vehicle in darker areas. This feature works on both the front and rear cameras as you can see in our sample clip. 

What can't Super Night Vision do? 

Super Night Vision is not a true infrared night vision, so if you park in a pitch black area like a closed garage with no lighting, it will not be able to pick anything up. Infrared is not a great solution for dash cams as it just creates distracting reflections on the glass. It would need to be an exterior mounted waterproof camera for traditional infrared night vision to work properly. Similarly, if you park in a very bright area, you will not notice a difference with Super Night Vision on or off.

Super Night Vision Sample Video