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Thinkware F800 Sample Video Footage and Video Quality!

The Thinkware F800 comes with the best video hardware available in a 2 channel parking mode dash cam at the moment, so we were very excited to see what it could do. It offers the Ambarella A12 processor and the upgraded Sony STARVIS IMX291 sensors on both front and rear cameras. Most notably we wanted to see how it compared with the Thinkware F770 and BlackSys CH-200, two other market leaders in this segment. 

Thinkware F800 Video Quality

The Thinkware F800 records at 1080P with a bitrate of 10 Megabits per second front and rear for driving footage. Parking mode footage records at the same resolution but with half the bitrate to conserve memory card space. This is the same resolution and bitrate as the F770. The camera lens angle is also basically the same as well at 140° front and back.

Upon reviewing the footage we noticed the daytime clips looked more or less the same as the F770. Frankly we're not surprised as the Sony STARVIS sensor offers better low light sensitivity but the benefits aren't apparent when it's bright out. 

At night however, particularly when driving through very dark areas such as an alley or rural street, we saw that the F800 picked up a lot more light and detail. While the F770 could pick up another car's headlights/taillights fairly easily in the dark, details like the road lines or curbs would be hard to see. If the vehicle has a tinted rear window, we would highly recommend going with the F800 as it will do the best job through a darker tint. We've tested the F770 to be clear down to about a 15% tint at night, but we would not be surprised if the F800 can go even darker.  

We still have yet to test the super night vision 2.0 feature which is now available in both parking and driving mode. We recommend only using it in parking mode as the headlights would be off. In driving mode, this setting may result in very overexposed video.

Thinkware F800 Sample Videos