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Thinkware F770 Night Time Video Comparison

The Thinkware F770 has become our flagship dash cam, offering the best video quality, features and reliability out of our entire product line-up. Thanks to an advanced video processor, video capture software and enhanced camera lens, the Thinkware F770 has the best night-time video quality for the front camera and especially that of the rear camera.

As you can see from the video, the F770 (Camera B) allows for a much wider range of objects to appear in the video due to a higher dynamic range, whereas Camera A has higher contrast but misses quite a lot of objects in the spectrum of the video. Vignetting is also an issue for Camera A but not the case for Thinkware F770, which captures almost everything even in the low light outer edges of the lens.

The rear video quality between the two is no comparison thanks to the Thinkware's dedicated rear video processor; the F770 completely dominates with 1080p compared to Camera A’s 720p. Images are significantly clearer and a lot of details are captured by the Thinkware, with much better color scheming. Vehicles with dark rear window tint should be extra aware of this, since at night time the low light will heavily affect the rear video quality.

In short the Thinkware F770 has, undeniably, the best night time video quality of all our high-end dashcams. The most important to note from watching the video is that Thinkware did an extremely good job at balancing all the contrast, hues, saturation, etc. to produce such good quality. It is not a surprise that the Thinkware F770 has become our best dashcam setup, and we hope this video reinforces this fact!