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Tamper Proof Cases for Dash Cams

While parking mode dash cams are a great idea for capturing vandalism, hit and runs, and break-ins but they have one major flaw. Even if the camera records the event that happens with great video quality, if the memory card or camera is stolen, it wouldn't be of any use since the footage can't be retrieved. One way that manufacturers can reduce the likelihood of this is just by building a more discreet dash cam. Our flagship 2-channel systems are all fairly discreet and we've even seen cases where a thief broke into a vehicle and didn't even spot the camera. 

That being said, if the thief does spot the camera, it's likely they would try to steal the camera as they would assume there's some market value for that electronic device. Should a thief spot a normal Blackvue DR650S-2CH, they can remove it from the mount within 2 seconds by unplugging the cable and releasing the lock on the front of the camera. They would probably need to purchase another set of mounts and wires in order to resell the unit. It's generally too difficult to remove the whole camera assembly with the tape as this typically requires a fair bit of heat. One way to protect the dash cam from theft is to make the quick release mechanism inoperable and increasing the amount of time/effort it takes to remove the camera. The Blackvue BTC-1A does this by blocking the release button and also wrapping around the mount so the camera can't be slid out. It is unlocked by the use of an Allen key.  
Blackvue Tamper Proof Case

This accessory does more than making theft more difficult though, it also makes it so that the camera can't be unplugged, prevents access to the WiFi button, and prevents removal of the SD card. This is ideal for fleet managers who don't want their employees wiping the SD cards after an incident or turning them off altogether. For cars that are being serviced by a dealership/mechanic, they will not have the option of unplugging the camera. If the dash cam is set up for Blackvue Over the Cloud, the WiFi also can't be disabled by hitting the button on the side. 

For a more entry level option, the Thinkware F50 is also available with a lockable tamper resistant case. This case prevents access to the Micro SD card and the manual recording/formatting button. One flaw to the Thinkware locking box however, is that the case doesn't prevent removal of the actual camera from the mount. So the user can simply unplug and slide it off the mount. We recommend using super glue to permanently keep the camera attached to the mount, it can still be removed from the windshield by heating up the mounting tape. The F50's locking box can be opened by use of a dedicated key. 

Dash Cams with a Locking Box Option

These dash cams are available with a lockable tamper resistant case: