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Sideswiped! (Dodge Ram vs. VW Golf) - BlackSys CH-100B

This video was captured on the BlackSys CH-100B on our customer's brand new Volkswagen Golf. She had only picked up the car two weeks prior to this accident and had yet to make her first payment on it. The accident happened on East 41st Ave in Vancouver, B.C. and clearly shows the Dodge Ram driver failing to shoulder check and sideswiping our customer. The driver of the other vehicle tried to deny and downplay the accident as his car suffered no visible damage but thanks to the video evidence our customer is safe in the hands of the insurance company. 

BlackSys CH-100B Mk7 Golf
The BlackSys CH-100B 2CH was installed in our customer's Mk 7 Golf less than a week before the accident

In addition to recording the accident and helping to pin fault on the Ram driver, the hardwired and parking-mode capable BlackSys offers an added degree of protection after the accident. As it records both front and rear, should the confrontation escalate the dash cam can act as a CCTV security camera watching over the whole event. Additionally, the front unit records audio and could potentially record aggressive language or threats. 
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