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Neighbour Caught on Dash Cam Pouring Olive Oil onto Customers Car

One of our customer's Infiniti G35 was vandalized a few weeks back but the entire footage was, luckily, caught on his dash cam's motion detection parking-mode recording.


This particular incident involves an agitated neighbour who felt that the public parking space in front of his home was reserved just for him. Some Vancouver homeowners will set out traffic cones to deter other drivers from parking in front of their houses. Although there is no Vancouver bylaw that allows people to leave cones out to reserve parking spaces, many people still do so.

Our customer walked out one morning to find out that olive oil was splattered all over his vehicle's windshield. Knowing that his dash cam should have caught something on recording, he decided to check his video footage to see what happened. To our customer's surprise, he found out that it was his neighbour who had poured olive oil onto his car. After reviewing his dash cam video footage, he decided to confront his neighbour about the incident. Funnily enough, the first thing that the neighbour blurted out was "it wasn't me!". Initially denying all allegations, our customer told the neighbour how he was caught on dash cam and everything that transpired the night before was recorded on footage. The neighbor quickly apologized and admitted his wrongdoing. Luckily for him, since our customer's vehicle is his winter beater car and also because our customer believes in second chances, he did not decide to press any charges and left the neighbor alone on good terms.

This incidence is exactly what parking-mode recording of these higher end dash cams can capture and provide video footage of. The average person may feel that they will never need a dash cam, but incidents like this are never predictable and can happen to anyone at anytime. 

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