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MYTH: Thinkware F800 Unsecured WiFi Network Issue

*Please note that since the V1.10.00 update, there is a default WiFi password of 123456789 which can be changed

Many customers have inquired about a reported "issue" in an Amazon review for the Thinkware F800 where the camera broadcasts an unsecured WiFi signal with no password. The concern is that anyone near your vehicle can connect to this WiFi network using the F800 app and download or delete your videos as well as change your settings. Here are just a few reasons why this is not a legitimate concern with the F800 or F800 PRO

Automatic WiFi Broadcast

The unsecured WiFi will only automatically broadcast when you first install your dash cam. This is so that you can get in and set up your dash cam to your personal preferences. When you go through your settings you need to also input your phone's hotspot settings (instructions: iOS & Android) so that your camera can connect to it. Once you have the hotspot programmed that will turn off the automatic broadcast of the unsecured WiFi signal.

WiFi button

With your hotspot properly programmed, the only way to get this unsecured WiFi to appear is to physically press the WiFi button on the dash cam. If you do not press this button, you will not see the unsecured Thinkware WiFi network on your phone's WiFi settings menu. 

Access While Parked

Another reason why this is not a real concern is that WiFi is disabled in parking mode. This means that someone cannot park next to your car and tamper with your videos or settings. In order to access it they would actually need to break in and start your car, at which point accessing the dash cam's WiFi would be the least of your concerns. 

What if I don't Configure my Hotspot?

The F800 WiFi signal is intended to be used only within the vehicle and has a rather short range. So if you are driving along in traffic, if a vehicle is more than one car length away from you, they will not be able to connect to your dash cam's WiFi network and get a solid enough connection to use the app. 

The Solution?

As mentioned, the simple solution is to program in a hotspot, once you do so you'll never really see the unsecured WiFi again. The hotspot connection is more stable in our experience and will not interrupt your smartphone's data connection. This means that you can still use apps for things like navigation which typically require an internet connection. 

F800 Hotspot