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Monthly Financing Now Available for Canadian Customers with PayBright!

Monthly Financing Now Available for Canadian Customers with PayBright!

Available for all of our Canadian customers, BlackboxMyCar has partnered with PayBright to offer you easy, instant, monthly financing for all of your online purchases off of our store. It's a new way to pay! Now you can pay for your purchases in affordable monthly payments without having to pay the upfront costs all-in-one go.

Buy Now, Pay Later with PayBright!

Instant Credit

Get a real-time credit decision

Monthly Payments

Conveniently billed to your bank account or credit card


Just select 'PayBright' at checkout*

*Subject to credit check and approval by PayBright

PayBright FAQ

What is a PayBright payment plan?

Our plans allow you to break down the cost of an expensive purchase into a series of affordable monthly or bi-weekly installments. This allows you to complete your purchase with confidence.

How do I apply for PayBright payments?

You can apply for a PayBright payment plan in three ways:

For e-commerce transactions, our application is integrated into the checkout process. Simply select PayBright as your payment option.

For in-store transactions, you have several options. You can apply:

  1. At our location using our desktop or mobile applications.
  2. Online from our website.
  3. On PayBright’s website here: Apply Now

How quickly do I need to use my approved credit?

Your credit approval can be used for up to 365 days. You can fund multiple purchases over time with your credit approval. After 365 days, we require a new application.

How do I complete the transaction?

For e-commerce transactions, your entire transaction is completed as part of the checkout process on the merchant’s website.

To complete in-store transactions, please bring a piece of photo ID when you visit the our in-store location. Examples include a Drivers Licence, Passport, Permanent Resident Card, or other government-issued ID. Please note that we are not permitted to accept health cards as photo ID in Ontario, Manitoba, or PEI.

Is there a minimum funding amount?

For e-commerce transactions, PayBright will fund as little as $300. For in-store transactions, PayBright will fund as little as $300.

Which payment plan terms are available?

PayBright offers affordable payment plans ranging from 2 months to 60 months. The actual plans available depends on what the merchant has chosen to offer. For e-commerce, the most frequently offered plans are 6 and 12 months.

How do I know what my monthly payment will be?

You can estimate your monthly payments using our online payment calculator here.

Can PayBright funding be used to pay for only part of a purchase?

For e-commerce transactions, the entire basket will be funded by PayBright.

For in-store transactions, you can fund any portion of a purchase through PayBright. If you are using cash, debit, or credit card to pay for part of a purchase, you can fund the remainder with PayBright – just as long as the funded amount is at least $300.

How do I make my payments?

Your payments will be set up as convenient pre-authorized payments from your chequing account. In some cases, you can also set up automatic payments from your Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card.

The information presented on this page can be changed at any time. For the most up-to-date information on PayBright, please refer to PayBright's Financing FAQ. If you have any further product questions or requesting for returns and refunds, please don't hesitate to contact our product experts. If you have any questions regarding your post-purchase payments, please contact PayBright directly.

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