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Memory Cards: The Truth Within The Cards

Memory Cards: The Truth Within The Cards

With plenty of memory cards to choose from, let’s break it down to see why we suggest some over another. Different cards can vary in speeds and memory controllers. While they all seem like they’re the same from the outside, internally they can actually be quite different.


While all memory cards can have varying class, most of the SDHC cards are class 10 these days. But not all class 10 cards can read and write at the same speeds. To obtain Class 10 verification all that’s needed is to have a minimum write speeds of 10Mb/s which is the same as UHS class 1 found in SDXC cards. So because of this, it doesn’t necessarily mean SDXC cards are better in any way. Below we ran a speed test on a variety of cards to test their speeds and to see if one is better than another in any way. By performing 5 runs each and combining the average, here’s what we found.

Read (MB/s)

Write (MB/s)

BlackboxMyCar 32GB



Transcend 32GB



Thinkware 32GB



Camsys 32GB



BlackVue 64GB



Samsung 64GB



All of these cards are rated for either Class 10 or UHS-1, however, as you can see the speeds on the cards vary from card to card. The Camsys card while bundled with the Blacksys cameras is noticeably slower than others. While at this speed it will not be a detriment to the camera itself as the recordings write speeds are much lower, it can take longer to download the footage as well as when updating the firmware.


Other than speed, there are other factors to consider—warranty for example. Some cards come with a 10-year warranty, but it’s void when used in dash cams since it will constantly write and read information from the card. However, worry not, all cards sold and purchased from BlackboxMyCar will come with a 6-month warranty and we can do any exchanges in store if need be.

In conclusion, the memory card that's within your camera is the bridge between having footage and possibly not having it at all. So it's vital to choose a high-quality card that's able to handle the abuse of constant writing. With all the cards that are available, we recommend our own branded cards, the BlackboxMyCar MicroSD cards are designed with dash cams in mind while offering great performance and life. However for those who are looking for something that’s branded, Samsung as well as Transcend is also a good choice.