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Introducing the BlackVue Power Magic Battery Pack (B-112)

We're excited to expand our Battery Pack lineup just in time for the holiday season! This battery pack is made by BlackVue and is ideal for the consumer market and customers who don't want to go through the hassle of hardwiring. Simply plug it into your car's cigarette/12V socket and take advantage of your BlackVue dash cam's parking mode recording feature. It also offers USB ports to charge your smartphone or tablet even when the vehicle is off, similar to other external power banks.

Like our Cellink Battery B, the B-112 uses LiFePO4 battery technology which is a preferred and safer design compared to other battery packs on the market. The B-112 is slightly smaller than the Cellink and should mount easily under the seat of many vehicles or in the glovebox. In comparison to the Cellink, the capacity of this battery is only about half the size, so those looking for the maximum recording time should still consider going with the Cellink which can also be charged via Cigarette adapter. The Cellink also adds the option of adding an expansion pack which can double the total recording time.

The BlackVue Power Magc Battery Pack is good for about 12 hours of recording on a 1-Channel BlackVue dash cam, and about 9 hours for a 2 Channel BlackVue dash cam. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge up and achieve those results. For those that aren't able to drive their vehicle that much, we recommend getting a power inverter to top up or charge the battery at home.

One reason users may opt for the Power Magic Battery Pack over the traditional Power Magic Pro, is that the battery pack avoids draining your car's battery altogether. This is provided that your vehicle has ignition switched cigarette sockets; if your vehicle's cigarette sockets stay on while the car is off we don't recommend going with the B-112. Avoiding a car battery drain not only helps reduce wear and tear on the car's battery but can also potentially protect you from error codes or an inability to start your vehicle due to low voltage.

We like that BlackVue has offered a factory branded battery pack for their dash cam lineup but do want to mention that this particular battery pack isn't compatible with the Thinkware lineup of dash cams. The Power Magic Battery Pack slots in nicely between the price point of our flagship Cellink Battery B and the traditional Multi-Safer and Power Magic Pro hardwire kits