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Installing Thinkware 2-Channel Rear Camera (F750/F770)

The Thinkware rear camera is a one-piece system built into the mount meaning that you can't remove it without removing the tape. This causes a few problems for customers when the camera is accidentally mounted upside down as the video can't be flipped in the settings of the Thinkware. We've brought this issue to Thinkware's attention and it may be revised in future firmware updates but for the time being we wanted to clarify it for our customers ourselves.

Thinkware Rear Camera

On the rear of the F750/F770 rear camera you'll see a label that has the model information and serial number. That label should be positioned so that the writing is upside down such as the picture above. Another way to verify the orientation of your rear camera is to use the live view function via the WiFi app on your Android or iOS device. This is a good idea regardless as it will help you position the camera where it's the least obstructed by things like defroster lines and will also help you level the camera.