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How to Split LGD521 Footage into Front and Rear Clips

With the LG Innotek LGD521 dash camera, both front/rear video are compiled together into one file. Only the dedicated viewer will recognise these files as having two images, any other playback method will just play the image from the Front camera. Because of this, your larger file (also containing your rear-footage) is cannot be exported to view what is happening behind your vehicle.

This walkthrough will demonstrate how to separate these files into isolated front and rear recordings to make these files smaller for easier playback and sharing.


1. Download the dedicated PC Viewer for Mac or Windows from the LG Innotek website. The viewer LG Viewer can be downloaded here.

LG Innotek Page

2. Open the Viewer

LG Viewer

3. Select video using the right sidebar

LG Viewer

4. Click the "Restore File" icon located at the top right hand side of the viewer.

5. Next, choose the file and destination to store it the option to "Divide File".

6. When this is completed, this will display the message "Please select a file". Click "OK". (This is not an error, and your file has been correctly divided).