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Hit and Run Caught on CH-100B in Richmond, B.C.

Our latest dash cam video comes from the manic parkade at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, BC. This video was shared by one of our customers with a BlackSys CH-100B, that returned to their vehicle to find bumper damage on the front end of their new Honda Civic.


Upon review of the footage, you notice a silver Mercedes SUV struggling to reverse into a parking stall and miscalculating the steering needed to fit in, despite having a backup camera. Soon after, the front end of our customer’s Civic is clipped. Next, the driver backs up into a stall that has a large air vent labelled “Do Not Back In”. If you listen carefully, you can hear the moment of impact when her rear windshield collides with the fan.

It’s a good thing that our customer had the BlackSys hardwired with parking mode. Otherwise, it probably would have been significantly more difficult tracking this driver down. Despite having many pedestrians walking by, a small accident like this may not have been noticed and thus no witnesses might come forward. Thanks to the footage however, it was an easy claim for our customer and his deductible was waived. In our customer's words, this one incident caught on the dash cam has already paid for itself!