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GPS Dash Cams and Time Zones!

Some of our high-end dashcams have built-in GPS and will set the time automatically using GPS. In some cases, the GPS will actually override the time configured by the user so it's crucial to set the right time zone when you initially set up your dash cam. For some cameras such as the Blackvue dash cams, the card must be formatted before the new time zone will set. 

The Thinkware Dash Cams set time based on built-in GPS and a user-definied time zone setting

Some models that automatically set time zone based on GPS are listed below:

In North America, we have quite a few time zones that can make things complicated. The easiest way to find out what time zone you're in is to Google it and look for the UTC offset. In the example below, the offset is -08:00

Time Zone Google

Here is a chart of some common time zones among our customer base. Please note that the offset will change during daylight savings time so you may need to adjust it along with the rest of your electronics

Time Zone Cities Standard Time Offset Daylight Savings Time Offset
Hawaii-Aleutian Honolulu UTC -10:00 UTC -10:00
Alaska Anchorage, Juneau UTC -09:00 UTC -08:00
Pacific Vancouver, Los Angeles, Portland, Las Vegas, Seattle UTC -08:00 UTC -07:00
Mountain  Calgary, Denver, Phoenix, Boise UTC -07:00 UTC -06:00
Central Winnipeg, Houston, Chicago, St. Louis UTC -06:00 UTC -05:00
Eastern Toronto, New York, Miami, Boston, Detroit UTC -05:00 UTC -04:00
Atlantic Halifax, Saint John, San Juan UTC -04:00 UTC -03:00