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Dash Cams by Donation 2016 (Follow up!)

Back in December of 2016 we ran a "dash cams by donation campaign" where we put up some of our clearance dash cams on a local-pickup only, by-donation basis. The minimum donation was $20 and 100% of it went to charity. In addition, a few accessories such as SD cards and hardwire kits were picked up as well, adding to the donation amount. All donations collected were handed over to First United Church in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. The donations helped fund this organization's shelter, food, and social programs for Vancouver's homeless.

BlackboxMyCar charity donation first united church

In addition to the donations collected through our dash cam program, we filled the BlackboxMyCar Prius with an additional $200 of food and drinks which we distributed to a number of homeless individuals in the Downtown Eastside. It's our first year running this type of program and we felt it was a great success. We sold out of all our clearance units in less than 48 hours and were overwhelmed by the support of all our local customers. Stay tuned for 2017's dash cams by donation program which we expect to be even bigger!

BlackboxMyCar charity donation food and drinks