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Dash Cam Video Contest #1 (May 2017)

Throughout the month of April we collected interesting video clips from our customers and fans on YouTube and entered these clips into our dash cam video contest. The winner of our video contest gets a $50 gift certificate to use on our online store! We want to thank everyone who submitted a video, those that submitted multiple clips but see that only one clip was used in the compilation don't need to worry. We'll be saving that clip for next month's video contest!

This month's winner was Eduardo from Chicago. While the video itself doesn't show the full events that transpired, we really appreciated the story behind it.

"These two guys dart passed me going over 100mph!! Almost side swipe me!! Then later pull up next to me and try to throw a bottle at my car. I called the cops and got them arrested with the video proof!! I wish I could've recorded the arrest. But, the cop told me to leave the area. There was like 10 cop cars and they all got out with their guns out and told the guys to get out the truck. I went to the police station and handed over the video to the police. I have a court date next month."

Congratulations Eduardo, and thanks for getting this drunk driver off the road!

To enter our next video contest, check out the full details here and send in your submissions to info@blackboxmycar.com!