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Dash Cam Power Consumption Ratings

A lot of customers ask us how much parking mode recording they can get out of their car's battery or Cellink Battery B. While it seems like a simple question, it actually varies greatly depending on the camera specs. Devices with higher power consumption are not going to run as long as devices with lower consumption so it's an important to consider when choosing a parking mode dash cam setup. Below are some power consumption ratings for some of our popular parking mode dash cams

Dash Cam Power Consumption
Thinkware F770 (2-CH) 3.5W
Thinkware F770 (1-CH) 2.5W
BlackVue DR650S-2CH 4.8W
BlackVue DR650S-1CH 3.4W
BlackSys CH-100B 2CH 5.0W
BlackVue DR3500-FHD 2.4W
Thinkware X550 2CH 3.5W
BlackVue DR750LW-2CH 5.9W
Thinkware F50 2.1W
FineVu CR500HD 2W
FineVu CR2000 OMEGA 5W