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Bus Pulls Reckless Maneuver on Snowy Highway

One of our local customers captured this using his 2-Channel Blackvue Dash Cam on the Sea to Sky highway between West Vancouver and Squamish. It shows a Ford Econoline shuttle bus pulling a very risky pass on the narrow highway. The bus crosses over the yellow line into oncoming traffic and forces our customer's car onto the snowy shoulder to avoid a collision. Shortly after passing our customer, the bus driver is already looking for the next opportunity to pass the vehicle in front and continues to swerve over the yellow line. This would've been a dangerous enough maneuver for a compact car, but given the size of the bus and the trailer it was pulling, this ended up being especially dangerous.

Being a commercial vehicle, we can also assume that the driver has a more advanced level of driver licensing and should be more responsible behind the wheel. Unfortunately, when our customer tried to report this driver to the Squamish RCMP detachment a day after the incident occurred, they told him they could not follow up unless it was reported within a few hours of the incident. That being said, because the vehicle is a commercial vehicle and has a Public Transportation number, there should be alternative ways to report this reckless driver. Based on this driver's poor judgment, we feel that they are definitely unfit to be driving a shuttle bus that could have more than 20 passengers inside, especially given the road conditions

Vehicle Details

Bus License Plate: FG 4136

Bus PT#: PT70921

Trailer License Plate: 8330 7C

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