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BlackVue DR750S Firmware Update 1.003

BlackVue DR750S Firmware Update 1.003

Just announced by BlackVue is something super exciting. The BlackVue DR750S has gotten a fresh update with brand new 1.003 firmware. Just released today it has a few amazing features that we believe will make the DR750S even better than it is now.

The following is a list from BlackVue in regards to the firmware update. 

  • Improved image quality:
  • Decreased sharpening for a more natural-looking image and overall improved details.
  • Better noise reduction at night and in dark environments.
  • IMPORTANT: new Brightness Default value: 3. Since the DR750S Series retains settings upon upgrade, you may want to re-adjust the Brightness on your dashcam after upgrading (previous firmware versions default Brightness was 1).
  • New Extreme Mode with 25Mbps bitrate for the front camera. Please note: file size and Wi-Fi transfer time will increase if you choose this mode (front camera video files will be approximately 190MB vs 90MB in Sports Mode).
  • New Enhanced Night Vision setting options: On (Always) / On (Parking mode only) / Off.
  • New Wi-Fi Auto Turn On option (On/Off).
  • Improved Cloud hotspot connection scenario and fixed Cloud-related voice alerts.
  • Improved Parking Mode Voice Notification scenario to reduce false positives (such as opening/closing doors): the dashcam will ignore all Events occurring in the 3-minutes before exiting Parking Mode.


With all these improvements we can’t wait to test out the new Extreme mode and see how it compares to before as well as other cameras out there. The improved parking mode voice notifications is a welcomed addition and we want to see exactly how it works out. Stay tuned we'll try it out for the next week or so and we'll give an update when we can. 

BlacVue's firmware download link