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BlackSys CH-200: Standby Time Till Parking Mode Setting

We've always touted the BlackSys dash cams as some of the most customizable dash cams on the market. Their wifi app lets you thoroughly configure the G-sensor, motion sensor, and memory partitioning more than any other camera. One of the settings on the BlackSys CH-200 that you should be aware of if you're using parking mode is the "standby time" setting. 

How does this work?

The default setting for the standby time is 10 seconds. This means that if you're using the regular hardwire kit and voltage cutoff settings, the camera will switch into parking mode 10 seconds after you turn the engine off. The camera will sense that the ACC wire (yellow wire for BlackSys) is turned off which tells the camera you're parked. When that ACC wire gains power again it will enter driving mode again.

There's also a "use external power" option which should be selected if you're not using the hardwire kit. If your vehicle has constant powered cigarette/12V sockets or if you're using a battery pack with a female cigarette socket, you can turn on the "use external power" setting. In this mode, instead of using the ACC wire to switch into parking mode, the camera uses the G-sensor. It does so by sensing that your car hasn't moved for a set amount of time and then switch into parking mode based on that. It will also switch out of parking mode when it senses the car has started moving again. 

What should I set the standby time to? 

For users that have the use external power option turned on, you should set the standby time to at least 2 minutes. This way the camera won't enter parking mode whenever you're stopped for 10 seconds (default) such as at a red light. For cars that are using the direct hardwire kit or spliced hardwire kit, the default setting is perfectly fine. 

That being said, if you choose a standby time of 5 minutes the camera will stay in normal mode for 5 minutes after you park and turn off your car. Where this will be helpful is with the WiFi on the CH-200 which turns off in parking mode. If you choose the 5 minute setting, you'll have 5 minutes to download videos before the WiFi turns itself off. You can set the standby time up to 10 minutes max. 

What if I don't want parking mode? 

If you don't want the camera to record in parking mode even though it's hardwired, you can set the standby time to the "not use" setting. This will turn the camera off when you turn the car off so it will only record in normal driving mode. You might want to do this when you go on vacation or plan on parking the car for a few days. Alternatively, you may choose to unplug the 12V power cable but you'll need to remember to plug it back in.