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BlackboxMyCar Essential Installation Tool Kit

BlackboxMyCar Essential Installation Tool Kit

While some are upgrading their existing dash cam, some users are still new and with a new installation, there are some things that the user needs. We thought of that here at BlackboxMyCar and we have just the package for you.

The essential BlackboxMyCar install kit is pre-packaged with all the things that are needed for the best and cleanest install. In this kit, there’s a circuit test light which can clearly and easily indicate which fuse has constant power and which fuse has acc power. Once the fuse for power is found there are two add a fuses to allow the dash cam hardwire kit to be safely and securely attached to the vehicle’s fuse box without a mess of wires.

Speaking of wires there has to be a better way to handle these wires so we include 5 zip ties to secure all the wiring together so there’s nothing loose or hanging from the bottom of trim pieces. Now that the cabling is done on the bottom there’s still the power cable that needs to be fed to the dash cam itself. Running the cable across the pillar and jams are made easy with the use of a trim tool.

Lastly proudly let others know that you have a dash cam by applying one of the included stickers to the vehicle to let others know that you too have a #SilentWitnessOnBoard