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Best Parking-Mode Recording Dashcams of 2016

Accidents, hit-and-run's as well as vandalism to a vehicle can happen at anytime. Dashcams that are not hardwired without parking-mode recording will capture these footage while you are driving the car, but as soon as you turn the car off, the whole situation changes. A dashcam with parking-mode recording is one of the most important features of a dashcam that will give customers around the clock protection and security even when they are not in the car.

With the ever-increasing growth and popularity of dashcams in the North American market, parking-mode recording has become a feature that manufacturers try to emulate but only a few have hit the mark. This article will go over the two dashcams that have the best parking-mode recording capabilities of 2016.

BlackSys CH-100B Dual Channel:

The BlackSys CH-100B Dual Channel has been one of most popular and best selling dashcams for a while now. With features that include Wifi and smartphone app integration and aggressive pricing, it’s not surprising that the BlackSys has had such a significant growth in the dashcam market.

Indeed, the BlackSys CH-100B is one of our top two choices for the best parking-mode recording dashcams due to its sophisticated and wide range of settings options in this recording mode. For example, not only can it begin recording by impact detection through the built-in G-sensor, but you can further customize how sensitive this impact is.

The BlackSys CH-100B also allows you to customize the motion-detection in parking-mode recording via the smartphone app. The green dots above are selected to tell the dashcam the sensitive areas that you would like it to monitor motion. This is so the dashcam understands where to focus on movement; for example, you can adjust the settings so that even raindrops will register a recording if you have the top boxes marked. The bottom row of the boxes should definitely be checked as these would be the field of view when pedestrians or other vehicles show up in the dashcam. This works also for the rear unit of the BlackSys CH-100B.

You can also change brightness settings for the front and rear individually. This is extremely helpful if you have tinted windows and also at night time, so video quality is not significantly worsened. BlackSys also allows its rear cam to be turned off in parking mode. For those that always park backed up into a parking stall, this will conserve battery power so your dashcam saves storage space in order to record more parking mode videos.

What we really like about the BlackSys is that you can partition the microSD card memory data. You can partition it so the memory card stores more parking mode and event videos onto the SD card; beforehand, this was only seen on BlackSys and FineVu dashcams. This feature is extremely helpful because we all know that when the dashcam is in normal video mode, if anything were to happen, you can simply swap a new SD card or import a video over to your phone via the Wifi app. Whereas with the parking mode recordings, you may not realize it right away until much later on. Therefore, always keeping more memory storage in the parking mode and event mode folders is highly recommended. Lastly, the Sony Exmor CMOS sensor that is built into the BlackSys allows your dash cam to record amazing video quality. I highly recommend this device for anyone that is looking for an affordable dual-channel solution.

Thinkware F770 Dual Channel

The Thinkware F770 Dual Channel is a brand new unit from Thinkware that was released in the middle of June. From our internal testing over the past few weeks, we have come to really like this unit. What a lot of people are not aware is that Thinkware's parent company, iNavi, is a large and publicly-traded company in South Korea that specializes in navigation systems and dashcams (think Garmin in North America). What this means is that Thinkware has a lot of Research and Development funding behind their products, and this has certainly proven to be the case for the F770. From the new design that allows for a sleek and discreet installation to the heavily improved night-time/low-light video quality, the Thinkware has it all.

The parking-mode recording features of the Thinkware F770 are right on par with the BlackSys CH-100B, and certainly both share the top podium position. There are many options to adjust when in parking-mode, such as: G-Sensor, motion detection, voltage cutoff and timer cutoff. The settings are easy to use and provide the surveillance needed to ensure video capturing of your vehicle.

Although we have slightly mixed feelings of the Thinkware F770's new Time Lapse feature which takes 1 frame per second video recordings to save storage memory, we can see its potential for some customers. In this parking-mode setting, the F770 records continuously while the vehicle is off and allows video playback 15x quicker and lacks audio. This can be useful in some situations with very low activity but you still want the assurance that everything is captured.


Tips for parking mode:

  1. Cellink Battery B - this is a dedicated portable battery pack designed specifically for dashcams. Koreans have been using dashcams for over a decade now and parking-mode recording has always been a very important feature for them. Especially for those who own BMW's and Porsche's, their cars are very sensitive when it comes to battery usage and this is when Egen (the company of Cellink) started developing a dedicated battery pack solution for dashcams. In Korea, owning a Cellink Battery B is now a must-have for BMW and Porsche owners as well as for those who truly value about parking mode. Drivers in Korea spend about $500-600 USD for a battery pack from Cellink and this has become a norm in Korea. A few other companies have jumped into this market, but we only recommend the Cellink Battery B as this battery pack has been designed specifically for dashcams and has been proven to be most reliable and most efficient for dashcam users. 
  2. Extra SD cards - always keep an extra SD card in your glove box. People have no idea how often we get calls from our customers claiming they were involved in an accident, decided to check the footage next morning, and realized the video footage has been overwritten. This is why we always recommend keeping an extra 16GB SD card in the vehicle so that it can be swapped right away to prevent the dashcam from automatically loop-recording (earliest data is overwritten). For those who want to buy a reliable SD card from us, simply use this link here, so you guys can buy our most reliable Class 10 SD card at a huge discount. 


So there you have it - the two best parking-mode recording dashcams of 2016. We simply cannot be happier with these two devices, their features, quality and reliability speak for themselves. These two dashcams are easy picks for customers who want surveillance, protection and satisfaction.

Lastly, what is really nice about both of these dash cams is that you can buy the front cam as a one channel variant and add a rear cam down the road making it a full 2 channel system. These actually are the two dashcams I have in my own cars. These two are heavily tested and been approved by our team at BlackboxMyCar so buy with confidence! Check out our review of the BlackSys CH-100B, as well as the Thinkware F770 and Cellink Battery B.

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