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Best Discreet Dash Cams & Install Tips

Best Discreet Dash Cams & Install Tips

There’s nothing more troubling than having wires everywhere after the install of a dash cam. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you’ll be able to wire like a pro or at least as clean as possible.

Camera Choice

As important as it is for a clean install we all have to start with a clean camera. The BlackVue's cylindrical shape allows the unit to be mounted in many places while being stealthy as possible. Also just as good depending on windshield types is the F800 Pro from Thinkware. It uses an Adhesive mount that sticks the body of the unit directly to the windshield, perfect for those who have bigger center sensor by the rearview mirror as it can be stuck just off to the side of the mirror allowing for best visibility for the driver.


As for the cabling itself, it can be tucked into the interior panels, the plastic can be scratched easily. So take care when prying panels or when trying to tuck the cables in. A plastic trim removal tool would make it easy to tuck cabling without damaging the vehicle.


Run the cables starting from the top, where the dash cam is. By tucking the wiring to the top of the headliner and then moving to either side of the vehicle. It’s best to move it to the side of the fuse panel to make installation easier when running the cables down. 

At the top of the A-pillar, there’s generally a slit where the cables can be tucked into. Be Careful as some vehicle has clips at the top edge which does not allow for the cable to run in this channel so be sure to look into this before applying pressure.


Running the cable down the side of the vehicle and down to the fuse box is best to use the weather stripping on the door edge to hide the wires. This rubber piece can be pulled from the vehicle with ease and is flexible enough to hold the cables inside without compromising the seal.


In general, wires are relatively thin. They just have to go somewhere and it’s easy to tuck them into all sorts of panels and places. It’s finding the right placement of said cables that's important. Other than to look nice a clean install will be less eye-catching so thieves will have a harder time to see any other reason to break into a vehicle.