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Dash Cam Battery Packs: The Easiest Setup for Parking Mode Recording?

Many users are only familiar with the traditional dash cam hardwire which pulls power from the car's battery through the fuse box. Recording time in these cases depends on the dash cam and size/condition of the vehicle's battery. This setup is budget friendly and it appeals to those that are looking for a basic parking mode function. The hardwire setup is also much tidier than the standard cigarette lighter charger that many dash cam owners use on the market today. However, not everyone is familiar with hardwiring to the fuse box and even those that are may be weary of doing so due to warranty and concerns with their service department.

The simple answer to this issue is our two most popular dash cam battery packs, the Blackvue B-112 and the Cellink Battery B. Both are simple to install as they both come with cigarette lighter cables that plug directly into your car's cigarette sockets. This makes the install a breeze as just about anyone can figure out how to connect to a 12V outlet in their car. The B-112 comes with 2 USB (5V) ports to charge any mobile hotspot, phone, or any electronic accessories that you wish. The benefit to this is that if your car only has one cigarette/12V socket, you can still charge your phone or other devices by plugging the USB directly into your battery pack. The B-112 charges while you drive and one of driving gives you 9-12 hours of parking mode recording depending on your dash cam setup. The drawback to this Battery Pack is that it is not compatible with all dash cams (such as the Thinkware lineup). The B-112 can only be used with Blackvue and BlackSys products which can switch into parking mode based on the G-Sensor.

For those looking for the most advanced battery pack and maximum parking mode recording time, we recommend the Cellink Battery B. This battery can be either hardwired or charged through the cigarette socket. It has double the capacity of the B-112 and it can also be configured to work with any parking mode dash cam. Those with a shorter commute will find the larger capacity helpful as a half hour drive is enough to get 8-12 hours of parking recording on most parking mode dash cams.  

Popular places to put a dash cam battery pack that's charged with the 12V cigarette socket are either in the glove box, under one of the front seats, or in the center console. Both batteries are about the size of a small dictionary and as such are easy to place in the vehicle. One important requirement when it comes to powering a battery pack in parking mode is that your socket is ignition switched. If the socket is always on (even while the vehicle is off) the battery pack will not work properly and has the risk of draining your car's battery. 

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