Are Dash Cams Compatible with Subaru Vehicles Equipped with EyeSight?

Question :

Are dash cams compatible with EyeSight?

Answer :

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from late-model Subaru customers.

EyeSight employs the use of two large cameras for Forward Collision prevention, Lane Departure Warnings and Adaptive Cruise Control functionality. Subaru advises against mounting any devices in the center of their windshields to prevent disruption to these systems.

However, as long the camera being mounted is positioned in an area out of the headliner-based dual camera's line of sight, our customers have found that their car's assistance system function normally and they do not experience any issues.

If the vehicle is equipped with High-beam Assist like the one in the Subaru Outback below, simply position the camera beneath the sensor as done in the following example with an installed Blackvue DR650S-2CH.  

Image posted on by user "Drdul"

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