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How To Mount Your Dashcam (No Matter the Climate)

A lot of the times, our customers are from the united states. The thing about this is that the US is so varied with its temperatures and climates most customers find themselves concerned with how the weather will affect their installations. This blog post will be for all of those people, as we'll be going over our best practices for installing your dashcam in both warm and cold climates. 

In terms of Dashcams, and which are the best for both extremes, there isn't much distinction when it comes to cold temperatures as they all function pretty well with cold climates. That said, when it comes to warm temperatures, the Blacksys CH-100B is the best option, as it has the highest heat tolerance. 

Now the best practice for both warm and cold are pretty much the same. The first thing to do is to get your vehicle in a room with a more controlled temperature inside, so a garage would be perfectly fine. Next thing to do would be to heat up the windshields, specifically where the cameras would be mounted. When we have to heat up things, we use a blow-dryer.

Our industrial blow-dryer

"Our Blow-dryer"

After the windshields are heated up where they need to be, you have two options, depending on what type of mount your camera uses. If you have adhesive mounts, warm up the adhesive pads on the camera mounts and then attach the camera to the windshield. If your camera is using a suction mount just attach the camera to the windshield after heating up the spot that it's going to attach to. After following these steps, your camera should be well mounted to the windshield and ready to go.