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Customer Submission: Lane changing blind

This is a video shared to us by one of our customers who is running a Blackvue DR650GW-2CH. Our customer was driving around in Burnaby when this Chrysler juts into his lane, causing them to crash and rip off his rear bumper. Obviously the Chrysler didn't shoulder check, or check his mirrors, thus causing the crash. Even worse, the Chrysler drove right over a solid line to get in the way.

Originally, the insurance company deemed our customer at 25% fault, but after viewing the footage, they determined that the Chrysler was 100% at fault here. Had our customer not had his DR650GW-2CH and be found even at 25% fault it would still count as an "at fault claim" which would've meant a 20% increase in insurance premiums, far outweighing the cost of that 2-Channel dashcam. For new drivers this would've been a 40-50% increase in premiums which is the reason more and more parents are investing in dashcams for their children.

Insurance Premiums Chart

Insurance companies are always looking to find both parties at fault. By finding them both guilty they can charge both parties more and profit more. This isn't good for the innocent drivers, who are dragged into these situations. This is all the more reason to get a dashcam to protect yourself.