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Customer Submission: Hit and Runs Into Another Car

This is a video shared to us by one of our customers who's running the Cellink Battery B + Blackvue DR650GW-2CH and the entire accident was caught on his parking mode optimized setup. We understand how he may have missed the shopping cart that ended up doing some minor damage to the Civic on the right, but as far as why he flew forward causing much more serious damage... we'll never really know...


"The guy was going to escape, but you can see a lady intervened. This shows how important the Cell Link Battery B and parking mode really is. If that lady wasn’t there, he likely would have driven off, but the camera recorded his license plate when I arrived. Thanks for everything… as always. -Curt"

Had no witnesses stuck around to help keep the driver at the scene of the accident, Curt's dashcam would've provided all the evidence he'd need to get his car fixed and determine who is at fault. It's not always a safe bet that you'll have a guardian angel around in the event of a hit and run so it's a good idea to keep an eye out for yourself with a hardwired dashcam from companies like Blackvue and BlackSys