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Dashcam: Holiday Gift Guide!

The holiday season is just around the corner, and we're here to make Christmas shopping easier! A dashcam can be the perfect gift idea for the driver in your life and, despite common misconceptions, can fit all sorts of budgets. They are a practical gift that can protect you in the event of an accident but can also provide some entertaining footage to share with your friends as well. 

If you aren't already familiar with the concept of a dashcam and aren't sure about their various functions, we've got some good examples here! With the upcoming Winter season and worsening road conditions, accidents and careless driving are more likely, making the holiday season an excellent time to invest in a dashcam. Know that your loved ones are protected in case of an accident by getting them the gift that keeps on giving!

Here are our top recommendations for dashcams:

Basic Dashcams $100 - $200 (CAD)

Skyview G1

The Skyview G1 is a perfect dashcam to individuals who travel a lot. This dashcam is known for its suction cup mount allowing for quick and easy transferability from vehicle to vehicle. It features exceptional video recording that can be viewed through the large built in LCD display. The 32GB maximum capacity on the G1 lets it hold up to 6 hours of footage. Many customers use the Skyview G1 in rental vehicles, commercial/emergency vehicles, and personal vehicles as well thanks to its ease of use and portability.

Skyview G6

The Skyview G6 is a discreet and basic dashcam that customers use in their daily vehicles. The Skyview G6 is known for excellent audio and video recording abilities at an affordable price tag. When equipped with a 32GB micro SD, the G6 can record up to 6 hours of constant footage. This is the perfect dashcam for everyday users because  you simply attach it to the windshield, power it up, and leave it alone. It easily stays out of the driver's line of sight and perfect for those that want to minimize distractions. 

Koonlung C81

The Koonlung C81 is one of our premium offerings that adds high end features like 1296P recording, GPS, and 64GB card support. Larger memory cards provide added peace of mind as dashcams loop record and delete older videos to make room for new ones. The C81 offers some of the best video quality on the market and has a high end feel yet still comes in at a very reasonable price point.  

Advanced 1 Channel Dashcams $200 - $350

BlackVue DR3500-FHD

BlackVue DR3500 a dashcam that features parking mode by motion detection. This discreet form factor dashcam is well known for its motion detection recording when parked. Furthermore, it has excellent video quality throughout the day and supports up to 32GB of storage that records up to 12 hours of Full HD footage. An optional GPS accessory can be purchased if you wish to track speed and location as well. It has PC and Mac compatible software to review footage which simply requires removing the memory card and plugging it into your computer. Many customers of ours use this camera for recording the interior or the car or even the sides of the vehicle thanks to its compact size.

Blackvue DR650GW-1 CH WiFi

The BlackVue DR650GW 1-CH is a dashcam that packs a punch. The dashcam is known for its Sony CMOS sensor, WiFi module, and GPS. The top of the line Sony CMOS sensor excels at night time video while the WiFi feature allows for a connection to any smartphone device to access video files and settings without even touching the sd card. As with any Blackvue device it features parking mode by motion detection when parked. Additionally, an impressive support for 128GB Micro SD cards lets it records up to 2-3 days of Full HD footage. Lastly, this dashcam allows the user to remotely access the video footage from any computer with the over the cloud feature (mobile hotspot required). This is the best selling 1 Channel device that we offer due to its exceptional features and reliability.

Blacksys CH100B 1CH

The Blacksys CH100B 1CH is another popular dashcam that features the Sony CMOS sensor,WiFi, and parking mode. With the top of the line Sony CMOS sensor it performs very well in all lighting conditions. The WiFi feature is quick to connect to any smartphone, and the smartphone application is one of the best on the market. Another benefit to this device is that it has the option to upgrade to a 2-channel recorder down the road. The Blacksys can also support memory cards of up to 128GB, which records up to 2-3 days of Full HD footage.

Advanced 2 Channel Dashcams $350 - $500 (CAD)

BlackVue DR650GW-2 CH WiFi


The BlackVue DR650GW 2CH is the best-seller on the market and for good reason. 2-Channel dashcams are a newer concept in the market and allows for a much simpler setup for front and rear recording. The DR650GW-2CH also features a Sony CMOS sensor, WiFi, GPS, and parking mode. This 2-CH dashcam outshines its competitors because it allows users to access the dashcam anywhere in the world with the Cloud feature (mobile hotspot required). It can support memory cards of up to 128GB, which can hold up to  2 days of Full HD/HD footage. Overall, the BlackVue DR650GW 2-CH is reliable, easily accessible, and very discreet - no wonder it's one of our best selling dashcams!

Blacksys CH100B 2 CH

The Blacksys CH100B 2-CH is the most affordable 2-Channel dashcam system we carry that features parking mode by motion detection. Like the Blackvue DR650GW-2CH, the Blacksys CH100B 2-CH uses a Sony CMOS sensor and WiFi connectivity. The WiFi app offers a greater range of customization than Blackvue's and the overall performance is quite comparable. It is a reliable system with a broad operating temperature range and a discreet form factor. 


If you wish to install your dashcam yourself feel ensured that blackboxmycar offers support over the phone, email,and website. For local customers you can get your dashcam installed professionally by appointment, email or call us for a quote! For non-local customers we recommend seeking out reputable car audio shops if you would like to get your dashcam professionally installed. 

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