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Toyota Corolla BlackSys CH-100B 2-Channel Installation

A local customer of ours contacted us to find a good 2-channel solution for his Toyota Corolla which had been hit and run three times parked outside his house costing over a thousand dollars in insurance deductibles. The CH-100B 2-Channel was the ideal choice for him as it offered the configurable motion detection sensitivity and WiFi app he was looking for. He also liked it's compact and discreet design as break-ins are common in his area as well as his work parking lot which is in a busy shopping centre.

We did a thorough video for this installation and used the factory supplied direct hardwire cable to give the camera the parking mode protection he was looking for. The direct hardwire cable allows for the cleanest install since it does not require an external module like the power magic pro from Blackvue and really makes for a well hidden set up. He also went with the ADATA 64GB Micro SD which is one of the most reliable in our experience, and offers the sufficient recording he wanted to protect his car in the busy mall parking lot while he was at work. For ACC fuse we used the 7.5A dedicated ACC fuse, and for Battery power we used the 10A stop light fuse. Below are some additional pictures of our installation.


Installation Photos

CH-100B mounted on the Corolla from the outside
CH-100B mounted behind the rearview mirror of the Corolla
Rear camera of the CH-100B in the Corolla, this customer had a 5% window tint
Wrapping the hardwire cable around the low-profile fuse popular in Japanese vehicles.