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2nd Post

Our new website was officially opened as of May 7th 2013! We heard back from so many of our viewers and customers about our new website. We truly appreciate everyone's feedback. We are so grateful of our loyal customers :) 


We will try our best to make our new website more easier to use for everyone.


We took a short cruise from Vancouver, BC to Leavenworth, WA. We are using this opportunity to test out all our models in a long drive.


Everyone here at Leavenworth is super chill and friendly. People still say hi to each other on the street. Here are couple pictures we took on the way to Leavenworth, WA. We will follow up with videos of our drive to Leavenworth and more pictures. 




Audi A4 is equipped with FineVu CR500HD, FineVu Pro Full HD, BlackVue DR500GW-HD, BlackVue DR380G-HD, DR32.

BMW 1M is equipped with FineVu CR500HD.

BMW 335i is equipped with FineVu CR300HD and VicoVation TF2.