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Poll Uber Driver Defends Himself From Drunk Passenger!

An Uber driver was caught up in a situation where he had to defend himself after a drunk passenger began violently attacking him.

Uber driver Edward Caban was giving a ride to passenger Benjamin Golden on Friday night in Newport Beach. Caban picked up Golden and was seen to be very drunk. After a while of driving Caban turns his dash cam around facing towards the cabin. Caban then pulled over to the side of the road where he decided to end the trip and told the passenger to get out of the car. Golden believes that it is presumably a joke however, Caban does not budge with his decision and insists on calling the police if he did not exit the vehicle. Golden then becomes aggravated with Caban and smacks him in the head. In defense, Caban reaches for his pepper spay where he spays Golden in the face. Later the police officers arrived and arrested Golden for public intoxication and assault.

With actual footage of the situation with a dash cam. Police were able to arrest the Golden for assault and intoxication and the use of Caban's pepper spray was a valid use for self defence.


Without video footage of the incident do you think it would have been harder to prove for a self defence case?
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