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Woman Gets Enraged After Hitting Car!

On October 17, 2015 a customer in Florida submitted a video about road rage incident after their vehicle was hit by truck. The woman proceeds to get out of the vehicle blaming the victim and vandalizing his car by the means of spitting and smashing his car. Which led to a panic call to the police reporting the incident. Furthermore, the woman finds out she is being filmed by one of our BlackVue cameras and decides to put on a show with an embarrassing taunt. Thanks to the BlackVue's dashcam our customers video evidence was valid and a arrest warrant was made. 

The importance of a dash cam is useful for situations like this. Everyday vehicle commutes we interact with different individuals on the road  These individuals are all unique in different ways to a point where we cannot sometimes understand their behaviour and actions. Thus, having this video evidence as proof may get you out of sticky situations. Furthermore, today I had received a phone call from a customer about his friend who was robbed near his vehicle. This customer told me if his friend had a dash cam during that incident they may have been able to catch the perpetrator in the act with solid video evidence that could be provided to the police. Even if you don't buy the most featured dash cam the dash cam's sole purpose is gaining solid video evidence to protect yourself.

Video of the incident is listed down below:

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