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Car Battery Solutions for Parking Mode Dashcams!

Parking mode is common in many Korean dashcams such as any of the Blackvue , FineVu, and Blacksys devices. However, with parking mode devices there is a need to hardwire the devices to power the unit meaning that there are possibilities that the battery will fall below recommended discharge rates when the car is idle for a few days. To ensure that your battery does not fall below the recommended discharge rates we recommend a low battery cut off device such as the Power magic pro or the Multi safer. These two devices cuts off power to the dashcam unit from using any more power after the car battery hits a certain voltage. 

Power Magic Pro:

The Power Magic Pro has two voltage cut off options which are 11.8 volts and 12 volts which are rated for ensuring your car batteries longevity. Furthermore, there is a timer option from 6 hours to infinity which can be set to cut the power when the car is idle. The great thing about Power Magic Pro is the ability to turn on and off parking mode manually. 

Multi Safer

The Multi Safer has voltage cut-off at 11.6 V, 11.8 V, 12 V, or 12.2 V depending on the users preference. The Multi Safer also has time options to automatically cut off power from 6 hours to infinity to cut the power when the car is idle. The multi safer has very accurate voltage cut off as well as well as manual switch to turn on or off parking mode. 

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For an alternative to a battery prevention cut off we recommend a external battery like a Cellink B. More information can be found at this Here