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Recent News Events...

Recent news events such as the Sandra Bland arrest and death as well as this story out of Massachusetts in our minds helps stress the need for a permanent in car dashcam solution. While it's true that most police cruisers will have dashcams already, the Sandra Bland incident shows how video can be tampered/edited before it's published to the media and public. Many critics have caught parts of the video where the video image loops or stutters which hints at some post-processing work being done. This may be to hide something that was caught on camera but it's also important to note that if we as a society are relying on the police cameras alone, anything that happens outside of the narrow frame directly in front of the cruiser would not be seen. 

Perhaps it was a strategic move for this officer to pull Ms. Bland off to the sidewalk where his cruiser might hide some of what is going on from the traffic nearby as well as avoid being filmed by the camera. Body cameras that are being proposed in many jurisdictions helps reduce the risk of something not being within sight of the camera but again that footage is going through the hands of the police department dealing with the case.

In the Massachusetts video we see and hear an off-duty police detective threaten to put holes into a driver's head which is unacceptable regardless of the circumstances. While it is true that most people have cellphones capable of video, the act of pulling out a smartphone in front of a police officer can understandably aggravate them. Furthermore, it could get the driver another ticket related to distracted driving since they may need to film while behind the wheel. Because of this a dashcam that is always recording and doesn't need to be handheld or activated by pressing a button is ideal. 

One of the main reasons the Blackvue DR650GW-2CH is our best-selling dashcam is it's small and discreet shape, this is perfect for avoiding detection from the likes of thieves, road ragers, law enforcement, etc. A wide angle lens of at least 120 degrees is also recommended to capture as much as possible within frame, while super wide angle lenses may not be as clear as narrower ones, often what is needed when it comes to evidence is an idea of what happened. Generally it's more useful to have less sharp video but more of what's going on than clearer video with important elements cut off out of frame. Some customers like to use their high end smartphones as dashcams and while the video quality can be very good, they're usually too bulky/distracting, a thief magnet, and have too narrow of a lens angle. Not only that but smartphones generally aren't meant to be wired as permanent video recorders and the heat/battery may suffer causing safety concerns. Korean dashcams like the Blackvue series use capacitors instead of batteries to ensure the best high temperature performance, reliability, and safety. 


We suspect however that the market will move more towards segregated design dashcams such as the eCELL Focus Black Box. These hardwired dashcams use a separate recording body where the processors and memory card is stored which not only keeps the camera size down but in the event that the camera is spotted and destroyed or stolen, the footage will still exist on the recording unit. This is the most discreet solution while not necessar